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Aequitas Chambers

We proudly "rep" the legal world

At Aequitas Chambers, we pride ourselves on our sector strengths which cover diverse areas of the law including but not limited to Corporate and Commercial, Telecommunications, Energy and Natural Resources.

Whether retained for advisory services, dispute resolution, debt recovery and or legal representation, we bring in a whole new level of energy and enthusiasm.

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Meet The S.A.N

Ekeme Ohwovoriole Esq., is a seasoned and renowned SAN of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with record years of great legal practice.

His drive over the years has always been to help the down trodden and bring hope to the hopeless while giving justice to hose deprived of it.

“Our attorneys are very patient in attending to our client’s inquires and cases”

Practive Areas

The fields in which we have a given are…

We handles a wide variety of cases in practice areas where we have a given with many knowledgeable, dedicated attorneys who have litigated numerous cases.

Civil litigation

Employment and labor law

Intellectual Property

Matrimonial and family law

Real Estate Law

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Employment and labor law

Real Estate Law

Amieble Attorneys

Lawyers represent you in litigation cases.

Our team is dedicated to offering the best level of legal representation. Our lawyers’ dedication, knowledge, experience, and professionalism enable us to give exceptional service to our clients, which we continue to grow.

Alan Miea


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We've achieved many awards

With quality service and responsible attorneys, we have had the best overall performance in most of practice areas we have covered in the last five years

Firm of The Year 2019